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What Are The Models Of High Pressure Cleaning Machine? Purpose?
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Bounche Machinery Co., LTD is a professional engaged in high pressure pump and cleaning equipment development and production of high-tech enterprises, with a high pressure cleaning machine, pipe cleaning machine, fog machine, vacuum cleaners, high pressure pump first-class products.

As is known to all, although the level of overall development of cleaning machine industry in China has improved significantly, and has obtained a patent for a lot in many ways but technically still has certain gap with foreign cleaning equipment. So what are the USES for high pressure cleaning machines? What are the future trends?

1. Principle of high pressure cleaning machine

High pressure cleaner is produced by power plant high-pressure plunger pump high pressure water to flush the object surface, the impact of the water is greater than the dirt and surface adhesion, high pressure water will spin out the dirt, wash away, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning surfaces.

2. Use of high pressure cleaning machine

High pressure cleaning machine is mainly used for washing all kinds of motor vehicle equipment, building external wall, floor, bath, swimming pool, etc., and it has broad market prospects, the annual demand of the international market in forty million, and there has been a growing market demand.

3. High pressure cleaning machine design

The industrial design of high pressure cleaning machine involves many disciplines, such as internal combustion engine, compressor, valve, fluid mechanics, injection technology, sealing technology, surface engineering, new materials, corrosion and protection. In the domestic market is the beginning of the high pressure cleaner market is still in its market development, the use of high pressure cleaner is not common, but with the improvement of people's living standard, especially the car gradually popularization of the gradual improvement of the living environment and people's live, and the increasing our personnel exchanges with developed countries, foreign way of life to our influence is growing, the domestic high pressure cleaner markets are also expanding rapidly, the market demand increased rapidly.

With the progress of science and technology, people's quality of life has been greatly improved, also makes cleaning machine industry in product sales market occupies a very important position, after all, now people pay attention to clean is not just the work efficiency and comfort, but to fully embody the value of goods and the enterprise image. As a result, the personage inside course of study thinks, trends in industrial automation cleaning machine will cooperate, develop in a direction more automatic, intelligent, and toward the equipment function diversified, technically structure design standardization, standardization direction.