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Signs Of A Failing Water Pump
- Jul 24, 2017 -

If you have a water pump in your home and you rely on it to deliver water from a well, it is important for it to be functioning smoothly and constantly. However, this might not always be the case.

In this article, we explains different signs of a failing water pump. If you notice any of these signs from your water pump, it is time to call a qualified plumber to take care of the issue.

1. No water pouring from the faucet

In case there is no water pouring from the faucet when you turn it on, the first thing the plumbers do is verifying the pipes. That is because, many times, the pipes could be clogged or damaged.If the pipes are in good condition, though, the water pump might be broken. Local plumbers will check the issue and let you know what your options are to fix it.

2. Low water pressure

Another common sign which could indicate a broken water pump is when you turn on a faucet in your home and observe there is a low water pressure.This could indicate that the water pump is not functioning correctly, however, the plumber will verify if there are any other issues in the plumbing system which could cause this problem.

3. Water pump running all the time

A water pump that is running all the time will most probably have serious issues soon and it could stop functioning in a short period of time. If a water pump does not stop functioning, it could be because of a bad switch of a damaged sensor. Or, it can be possible for the water pump to struggle to bring water to the surface.The pump could stop and run intermittently, cycling on and off even when no appliances are turned on in your home.

Frequent cycling could indicate a minor issue, like a waterlogged tank. However, even if minor, this type of issue could soon destroy the pump if not taken care of by the plumbing contractors.

If you would like to learn more signs of water pump faling, or for anyplumbing services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the plumbers.