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Pressure Washing Dos And Don'ts
- Mar 18, 2017 -

Do wear proper eye, face and hand protection when operating a power washer. And if you're using a gas pressure washer, which is noisier than an electric model, wear earplugs.

Do keep the jet away from live electrical equipment, lights and air conditioners.

Do attach nozzles and accessories before starting the machine.

Do keep hands and feet clear of the cleaning nozzle at all times.

Do start with the nozzle about two feet away from the cleaning surface and move closer as needed, but no closer than six inches.

Do work from top to bottom, not the other way around because dirt and mildew will run down over the cleaned section.

Do direct the water at a downward arc when cleaning wood siding. Spraying wood head-on can damage the siding.

Don't leave the nozzle in a closed position for more than a minute or two while the equipment is running. The pump may overheat.

Don't aim the power washer at an upward angle when cleaning siding. This can drive water behind the siding. Also, the force of the water can lift the siding from the wall.

Don't spray stucco, brick or masonry walls straight on. The force of the spray can cause water to penetrate cracks in the walls and cause damage within. 

Don't spray windows or glass doors. The force is strong enough to shatter them. 

Don't let the machine run for several minutes without pulling the trigger gun.

Don't spray a person or pet. A pressure washer is far more powerful than a garden hose and can cause serious injury.

Don't use a pressure washer to wash your car without checking with the washer's manufacturer. Using too much pressure can damage your car's paint.