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Obvious Advantages: Cold Water High Pressure Washer
- May 10, 2017 -

In the classification of high pressure washer, one kind is to distinguish between cold water high pressure washer and hot water high pressure washer. Ordinary cold water high pressure washer, it is the water that sends to high pressure pump is cold water, it is compared with hot water high pressure cleaning equipment, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

As is known to all, the cold water tap water can obtain and connected anytime and anywhere, there is no problem of water supply, tap water and water cost is low, the structure of high pressure pump is relatively simple and compact, so the cold water high pressure washer can be said to be good and inexpensive, wide application, it has universality and versatility of the application.

Cold water pump medium and high pressure cleaning equipment, widely used in the field of industrial minerals, coal, iron ore, copper, aluminum) in mining enterprises, engineering and construction companies, machinery manufacturing enterprises, the municipal administration and the department of sanitation, highway railway transportation enterprise, car production and sales and the expressway service area, also used in the service industry such as p&g, also used in the high pressure cleaning aspects of the family and individual.

High pressure pump cold water with tap water as a medium to high pressure cleaner, its advantage is to buy low cost, operation cost is lower than hot water washing machine, as a result, a lot of clients are the cold water washing machine. The cold water high pressure cleaning equipment simple and convenient to use, does not use fuel boiler to heat water, design science, compact structure, and can clean most of the objects. It can easily be placed on any travel business car or small engineering service vehicle