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Water pump bearing grease inside how long need to replace
- Apr 01, 2017 -

For bearing lubrication is one of the important problems about its performance. 

Lubricant or lubrication method appropriate or not will greatly affect the service life of bearing. If you are high grade grease on the bearing under the condition of normal operation can run 15000 hours, or two years. The motor power is greater than 18.5 KW water pump or in adverse conditions such as high ambient temperature, air humidity, dust, strong corrosive industrial environment should check bearing in advance, arrange the replacement of a grease 5000 hours when necessary. Grease filling quantity along with the structure and the volume of the shell is different, generally should be 1/3-1/2 of the filling to volume. Filling quantity too much, because of mixing heating grease occur metamorphism, aging and softening.