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The security issues of high pressure cleaning machine
- Jul 13, 2017 -

The operation USES high pressure cleaning machine, it is a technical work, the operator should undertake technical training beforehand, and obtain qualified qualification certificate, can become a qualified operation user. In this way, in the implementation of high pressure cleaning work, can ensure the safety, successfully complete the work task. Specifically, pay attention to the following points.

1.Before starting the work, check whether the water level of the reducer tank, the high pressure pump oil level and the emulsion tank is in the specified oil level and water level. Also check the pressure gauge, safety valve, cooling water level gauge, liquid level indicator, etc., to see if it is sensitive and accurate; Pressure gauges and safety valves of high pressure cleaning equipment are calibrated once a year. The relief valve should also be checked regularly to prevent the valve core from sticking and blocking the valve holes. These are indispensable steps.

2.Check the parts of the high pressure pump. Want to see in and out of the water valve, solenoid valve, pipe, etc are in good condition, can not have water, air, oil, check electrical system grounding line is firm and reliable, stop using the high pressure pump for more than a week, to measure the main motor insulation are in good condition; Check whether the contact signal of the high pressure cleaning machine is accurate and reliable.

3.Implement clean boot sequence of operations: one is to check to start the high pressure pump and the pipe valves, valve, circulating water gate, are all in the open position, then open the bleed valve of the high pressure pump and lubricating oil pump valve of cooling water; The second is to start lubricating oil pump, run for two minutes, the oil pressure should be within the specified range, wait until the lubricating oil indicator shows normal, then start the main motor of the high-pressure pump; 3. After the pump head air is cleared, close the exhaust valve immediately. Four is cleaning machine after normal operation through circulating valve electromagnet power, after waiting for more than water level to level 4, open the lowest level valve solenoid switch, water level rises to seven, high pressure cleaning machine began to work properly.

4.When opening and closing the valve of high pressure cleaning equipment, it shall stand on the side of the stem and rotate slowly to ensure stability and safety.

5.The cleaning machine in operation work, responsible for the operation personnel shall not leave work, important tasks are closely monitored control instrument and water level indicator light is normal, if water is not correct, should take immediate steps to stop it, check out the problem. The motor temperature must not exceed the rated temperature.

6.The high pressure pump pressure of the high pressure cleaning machine should be kept in normal range, operating within the rated pressure range, and the overpressure should be taken to adjust to normal pressure.

7.When the following situations occur in the operation of the cleaning machine, press the "emergency stop" button, immediately stop and cut off the valve that needs to be closed. For example, when there is overpressure and overtemperature, the adoption measures will not come down; Having abnormal sound or vibration; The pressure gauge, the electric contact pressure gauge and the liquid indicator display are not correct or malfunction; When a serious leak can't stop; The solenoid valve control failure does not work. If emergency measures are not taken, there could be serious consequences.

8.After the cleaning task order to shut down high pressure cleaner step: after receiving hydraulic press operator "request stop" signal, the corresponding personnel shall immediately sent back to the hydraulic press can "stop" signal; At the same time, the water level of the storage tank should be added to the corresponding position; Then cut off the lowest level valve electromagnet power supply; Cut off the power supply of the high pressure pump. It is important to be careful not to take the load off the high pressure pump. After the cleaning machine stops operation, cut off the power of lubricating oil pump and turn off the lubricating oil cooling water valve. These steps need to be done in a methodical way.

9.When filling the tank, stop the operation of the high-pressure pump and comply with the relevant regulations of the high pressure air compressor safety operation procedure. All in all, use and maintain high pressure cleaning machine in the correct and proper way.