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The high pressure cleaning machine is used in the cleaning of shell and tube condenser
- Jul 08, 2017 -

Vertical shell and tube condenser is an important part of ammonia refrigeration system, its main role is to put the compressor discharge of high temperature and high pressure ammonia cooling into liquid, ammonia released heat away from the cooling medium (water). Due to the condenser is used water cooling mode, so will exist in the process of ammonia exothermic condensing cooling water evaporation and the phenomenon of temperature change, leading to the pipe surface is easy to scale, with the accumulation of time, the scale will pile up, will impede heat transfer, so that reduce the system in the thermal efficiency and cooling effect, increase equipment energy consumption, operation and the production cost, serious when can also affect the normal operation of equipment, and personal safety production accident. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the scale of the heat pipe regularly.

The working principle of high pressure cleaning machine

High pressure cleaner with water as working medium, and its principle is to ordinary tap water by high pressure water pump water into high pressure low velocity, and then to the high pressure pipeline, arrive at a certain energy high pressure spray nozzle. The diameter of the high-pressure nozzle is much smaller than the diameter of the high-pressure nozzle, so the water reaching the high-pressure nozzle must be accelerated through the nozzle. In this way, the nozzle can convert water from high pressure and low velocity into low pressure high velocity jet. High pressure water jet is the simplest form of energy transformation and application. When the impact of high pressure water jet is greater than that of dirt and surface of the object, it will be removed and washed away to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the object.

Using high pressure cleaning machine to clean the heat pipe of condenser

1. Using high pressure cleaning machine to clean the heat transfer pipe of condenser, the removal rate of the inner wall of heat transfer tube reaches over 95%.

The cleaning of the cleaning machine will not cause damage on the surface of the cleaning material (heat transfer tube) and no corrosion, no leakage of ammonia.

3. High pressure cleaning machine can be used as the working medium for washing with the cooling water of running water or refrigeration system. It is important to note that when using the system cooling water as a cleaning medium, it is necessary to do the filtration of the water, not to get the dirt or debris into the water pipe of the high-pressure cleaning machine.

4. The high pressure cleaning machine can be used to clean the condenser without shutdown, which greatly reduces the operating cost.

In conclusion, we can see that the cleaning of condenser with high pressure cleaning machine has the characteristics of high cleaning efficiency, good cleaning effect, no damage to the equipment after cleaning, no corrosion and energy saving and environmental protection. It is shown that high pressure cleaning machine will be widely used in the water cooling system of all kinds of industrial equipments.