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The development trend of pump
- Dec 06, 2016 -

Pump is one of the indispensable and important equipment, under the influence of working conditions, frequent phenomena such as erosion, cavitation, erosion, wear, leading to device failure. Enterprises can only invest a lot of money buying a new pump, and a lot of parts, resulting in waste of funds. Domestic of pump of design and manufacturing basically also is comply with "metal" thought, that used stainless steel, and carbon steel material as main of pump body material, face high corrosion, and strong scour of environment, on need high nickel alloy, even used titanium, and zirconium, and tantalum, excellent of resistance corrosion material, these rare material price expensive and price floating big, and manufacturing cost high and manufacturing process complex, reasons caused this class pump of price expensive, General tens of thousands of to millions of ranging, also on caused has this class pump of procurement cost high. International pump study along with the development and application of the new material of the pump body, domestic research institutions from Western developed countries on the development of study on the pump body, a small number of enterprises started to develop inorganic non-metallic materials such as ceramics, glass, graphite and carbon products and synthetic organic macromolecular materials such as plastic, fiberglass or carbon fiber-reinforced plastics, etc. These domestic developing trend of pump to meet the international trend, and soon achieved good results at home.

Advanced United States blessing of anti-corrosion, cavitation and abrasion resistance technique, material outside the advantages, compared with metals, metal wear hardness, is constant. And the material itself is variable, due to the special molecular structure gives it high elasticity, adapted to alternating deformation and temperature changes, such as performance, ensuring material for shock absorption, abrasion resistance and improve. Its high molecular weight and smooth surfaces, not only improving anti-cavitation ability, can also improve pumping efficiency 6-7%. Material is corrosion resistance, better make up for the weaknesses in metal corrosion of weak acid, prevent the wear of metal corrosion by corrosion and wear cycle, so as to enhance the life of the equipment. Even after a long time after use the pump body corrosion, erosion, cavitation later, you can still apply polymer composites repair continues to use, making it like new used pump, achieve a virtuous circle, avoiding repetitive purchases of new pump purchase cost pressures.