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Submersible pumps to eight points for attention in use
- Apr 01, 2017 -

Submersible electric pump is the main equipment for deep well water. Using the whole unit into the water when the homework. To get to the surface of groundwater, water is days, mine emergency rescue, industrial cooling, irrigation, water submersible pump to improve, the ship carrying, can also be used for fountains, water submersible pump used in hot spring bath, also can be applied to derive from a deep well of groundwater, can also be used for rivers, reservoirs, canals and other water projects. Mainly used for farmland irrigation and high mountain water, can also be used for central air conditioning cooling, heat pump units, cold pump self-priming pump units, cities, factories, railways, mines, construction site drainage. Usually flow can reach (10 cubic meters to 650 cubic meters) and head can be reached 1500 m per hour. So, what are the points for attention in using submersible pumps?

1, not grounding

Submersible pump adopt maintenance grounding is the national standard of the strong pipeline centrifugal pump system request. Just adopted maintenance earthing, talent guarantee the personal safety of use. If no maintenance earthing, once the casing leakage, constitute the basis of the submersible pump outlet water and pumping water charged, endangering human and animal safety, at the same time wasted a lot of energy. If the submersible pump of the metal shell and fit the national standard of grounding body (grounding resistance is not greater than 4 Ω) grounding connection, when the submersible pump casing leakage, electricity flows through the metal casing pump, grounding line maintenance, grounding system, the earth, ground wire and power transformer homework form a closed loop, when leakage through the large, especially in front of the body contact, can make maintenance of submersible pump device (fuse fuse or breaker tripping), block the leakage of submersible pump power.

2, not device leakage maintenance

Submersible pump operation in the water, easy leakage form electrical energy loss and even cause electric shock. If equipped with leakage, maintenance only submersible pump leakage value beyond the leakage action of maintaining current value (usually not beyond 30 ma), leakage maintenance device will block the submersible pump power.

3, abnormal voltage boot

Voltage is too high and too low will make submersible pump temperature rise too high, use shortened lifespan and burnt submersible pump. Country due to the low voltage power lines is longer, the end of the line voltage is too low, between high voltage is often the case. Therefore, in the process of use of submersible pump, the operator is necessary to survey the power voltage at any time, if below 10%, below the additional voltage higher than the additional voltage more than 10%, or current is greater than 20% of the submersible pump extra current, should be the downtime, and to prevent abnormal voltage boot.

4, the opposite direction of motor rotation

Now there are many types of submersible pump are turning and turning are available out of the water, but when rotary water yield and large current, rotary moment long will damage motor windings. Therefore, should be taken before submersible pump into the water to connect power to check the direction of rotation is accurate. If three phase reversal, submersible pump impeller should be the downtime, swap any two phase in the three-phase conductor in the cable connection.

5, long time overload operation

To prevent long time overload operation submersible pump, don't put the low lift pump for high head, don't smoke concentration (mud) water, and to investigate current value is not within the scope of the rules at any time. If discover the current is too large, should stop to see. In addition, the submersible pump with water as cooling source, therefore, submersible pump dehydration operating time shoulds not be too long.

6, frequently switch

Submersible pump shoulds not be too frequent start, this is due to the stalling pump reflux, happens if immediately switched on, can make the motor load, the start current is too large. Therefore, after the downtime to talents again to launch the backflow of water in the tube, usually demand interval 5 min.

7, in the mud environment application

Submersible pump in use if sink into the mud, will cause bad heat dissipation and burn out motor windings. Therefore, the submersible pump will be not in mud environment application. To prevent sank into the mud pump should be in front of the submersible pump water to remove the silt in the working environment, also should choose when conditional gate shield cover the submersible pump, in order to prevent the waste to block the water gate, fever, water not the motor.

8,Stops after long time in water

Submersible pump if well after continued use, not long time will rust, which won't start. Therefore, stop using the submersible pump in water no matter of avoid by all means don't ask, should boot up once a week, running 5 ~ 10 min. Long time need not when, best not long time immersion in the water, electricity running a few minutes should be kept in clean water, clean the mud pump list, and then puts forward the surface dry, a big view, disassemble all parts for repair, cleaning, derusting, detergent, to replacement of wearing parts, assembled again, after painting antirust in inside the warehouse of dull, no corrosive gas.