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Specific for the selected pump operation
- Dec 06, 2016 -

According to pump type selection principle and selection of basic conditions, do the following:

1. According to facility layout, terrain, water level conditions, operating conditions, determine the horizontal, vertical and other types (pipe-style, diving, liquid and block type, self-priming, gear, etc) of the pump.

2. According to the nature of the liquid medium, determining peripheral pumps, heat pumps are pumps, chemical pumps or corrosion-resistant pump or pumps, or using non-clog pumps. Install pump in the explosion area, according to area grade of explosion-proof motor used.

3. According to the flow rate, determined and ready to pump or double suction pump according to head high and low, ready to pump is multistage pump, pump high speed or low speed pump (air pump), multistage pump efficiency is lower than single-stage pump, ready to pump and multi-stage pumps also are available, first single-stage pump.

4. Determine the specific pump model

After determining what series pump, by the maximum flow rate (when there is no flow, is usually preferable to the normal flow of 1.1 times the maximum flow), enlarge margins the main parameters of the head after the two performance, curves or series of Spectra to determine the specific type. Do the following:

Use of pump characteristic curve, find the value you want in the abscissa, ordinate values find the head on, from each of the two values up and to the right vertical line or horizontal line, on the intersection of two line falls on the characteristic curve, then the pump the pump is to be selected, but this ideal rarely, usually meets either of the following conditions:

First: the intersection above the curve, suggesting that flow to meet the requirements, but the head enough, at this point, if not much lift, or a difference of 5% or so, still can be used, if the head difference, then elected head larger pumps. Or try to reduce the pipe resistance to damage.

Second: below the intersection curve, in the context of pump characteristic curve of the fan-shaped ladder, on the preliminary set of this type, then lift the difference, to decide whether to cut the impeller diameter,

If head very small, not cutting, lift varies, press Q, h, required according to the NS and cutting formula, cutting diameter of the impeller, if the node is not within the scope of fan-shaped ladder, smaller to be elected head of the pump. When selecting pumps, sometimes need to consider the technical requirements, selection of different shapes Q-H characteristic curve.