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Specialty washers
- Mar 22, 2017 -

An insulator pressure washer is a mechanical high-pressure washer designed to remove contamination/pollution from overhead power line insulators with the power on (energized) using low conductivity water. Cleaning is necessary to prevent flashovers (high-voltage shorts to earth across the insulators), which can damage power line equipment.

The basic design consists of the following components:

  • Power Source (a diesel engine or a power take-off from a truck chassis)

  • centrifugal water pump 

  • stainless steel water storage tank 

  • high-pressure water hose 

  • high-pressure dead-man type water wash gun 

  • Electrical grounds for the wash gun and washing system

Insulator washers typically have a pump pressure of about 1000 psi and a nozzle pressure between 500 and 750 psi. They have a very high flow rate (about 60 gallons per minute), necessary to provide consistent and fast cleaning.  

Insulator washers have several basic design layouts as follows:

  • Trailer mount for use in electricity substations 

  • Chassis mount for mounting on a truck bed 

  • Aerial platform mount for mounting on trucks that have aerial platforms 

  • Helicopter mounted units

The washer must be able to access the towers to be washed. If the towers are off road in rough terrain, a 4x4, 6x4 or 6x6 truck chassis may be required.

The systems must have a robust design as they are used outdoors, often in adverse climates.