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[how to do] High pressure cleaner water pressure is not standard
- Mar 31, 2017 -

High pressure cleaning machine, is produced by power plant high-pressure plunger pump high pressure water washing machine on the surface of the object. It can be to wash away dirt and, to achieve the purpose of cleaning surfaces. Because is the use of high pressure water cleaning dirt, so high pressure cleaning is the world recognized one of the most scientific, economic and environmental clean way. Then the high pressure cleaner water pressure substandard condition?

(1) check the cleaner overflow valve, when found its aging will be timely replacement.

(2) check the machine clean water filters, when row after clean water filters in the air, the water pressure can meet the corresponding standards.

(3) check whether the inlet flow is enough, if not enough, the treated last in water flow to the corresponding standard, the advantages of high pressure water pressure also will meet the requirements.

(4) check the high pressure cleaner high and low pressure water seal and have in and out of the water valve without leakage phenomenon. If there are any problems timely replacement of these parts, making the problem out.

(5) check whether the high pressure spray nozzle is appear the phenomenon of wear and tear and wear phenomenon is found, it should be timely replacement of the new high pressure spray nozzle, ruled out the problem.

High pressure cleaner water pressure substandard condition can check through the above several aspects, if can't solve is looking for professionals to solve.