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Different high pressure water gun have different effects
- May 10, 2017 -

High pressure water gun is one of the most important parts in high pressure washer, it is through the high pressure pipe cleaning actuators connected to high pressure pump, different types of water guns have different performance and usage, selection and collocation, can give full play to the high pressure washer of the efficiency and effect. There are several main types of high pressure water guns:

First type: common water gun. The common type of water gun is widely used, and its structure is also standard. It consists of a nozzle, a high pressure nozzle and a high pressure nozzle. High voltage nozzles are sized to accommodate different cleaning objects. In addition, the gun also has a long gun and a short gun to suit different user needs.

Second type: rotating water gun. The nozzle is mainly used in cleaning all kinds of pipe wall, install rotating high pressure water gun nozzle, the nozzle on the high pressure nozzle have several, and can be sprayed in different directions. It has a unique effect on the lining of the pipe and cleaning the pipe. The high-pressure cleaning equipment, which has this rotating water gun, is called a special high pressure cleaning machine for cleaning pipes.

Third type: water gun for high pressure water. This type of water gun is made of special material, which is made of special material, can withstand high temperature and is used in the hot water high-pressure cleaning machine. The advantages of this kind of hot water structure in addition to have a high pressure pump, and a heating boiler, through the boiler heating water temperature, produce high temperature and high pressure water jet, for cleaning all kinds of equipment and pipeline of oil with special effects.

The fourth is ultra high pressure cutting water gun, also known as a water knife. The high pressure pump can produce ultra high pressure water equipment, the high pressure on the spray nozzle is made into the special material, for example, have a plenty of sapphire materials, very hard and wear resistant. Is a very fine holes on the nozzle, spraying a high pressure water jet has very strong penetration, can cut metal materials, such as steel, iron, aluminum, etc., can be cutting non-metallic materials, such as plastics, glass, marble, etc., can also be cutting reinforced concrete materials. And it can also punch holes in these materials, and this high-pressure cutting water gun works wonders, greatly improving the cutting effect and quality.

Different types of water gun have different functions and functions. Therefore, we should choose the nozzle with the right nozzle when operating the high pressure cleaning machine, and match the suitable nozzle to the maximum efficiency.