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Contrast the high pressure cleaning machine with the steam cleaning tank car
- May 16, 2017 -

Characteristics of steam cleaning

Steam fumigation is a kind of artificial cleaning method, using low pressure steam cooking, use the heat energy of steam heating tank wall, make the residual material attached to the tank wall are volatile and discharged into the atmosphere, then into the clean water to remove residues, again through the hot air drying, achieve the purpose of cleaning tank car.

1, Pollution

Toxic material in the tank car cooking process can evaporate into the atmosphere, wash tank station and the surrounding environment caused serious pollution, and cleaning wastewater containing chemical cleaning agents, difficult to handle.

2, The wash can be inefficient

It takes four to eight hours to wash a tank car.

3, The cost of washing can be high and energy consumption is high

The steam can wash a tank car with 60t water and consume low pressure steam 6-10t.

4, The worker labor intensity is big

Wash workers in the polluted atmosphere, and the toxic medium can be harmful to the cleaning operator and more safety accidents. Because steam can't be used to the environmental protection requirement, more cleaning companies choose the high-pressure cleaning machine instead.

Characteristics of high pressure cleaning machine wash tank

High pressure cleaning machine wash tank is the principle of the high pressure water pump to water pressure to about 200-700 bar, through high pressure pipe high pressure water reached the high pressure spray nozzle, through high pressure spray nozzle jet to the walls of the tank where hit by high pressure water jet, erosion, cutting, wipe out the cleaning tank.

1, Environmental protection is free from pollution

As the remaining materials in the tanker are flushed from the water jet to the sewage plant, the residue will not be used in the atmosphere.

2, Wash can be efficient

It takes only about 40 minutes to clean a tank car.

3, The wash can consume low energy, the cost is low

A high pressure cleaning machine washes a tank car and consumes 4-6t and consumes 140kw. Compared with steam can, the energy saving is over 90%.

4, The worker labor intensity is low

Operators because of the high pressure cleaner cleaning tank car is greatly reduced, so less harmful to operator health, such as combined with 3 d wash tank is more can realize automatic washing tank car, the operator simply fixed cleaning device.

Above all, we introduced the steam washing tank and high pressure cleaning machine wash can of these two kinds of cleaning methods, and compares the characteristics of them, it is not hard to see, high pressure cleaning machine wash tank compared to the advantage of steam wash tank adopts high pressure cleaning machine wash tank will get obvious effect of energy saving and environmental protection.